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What makes us different

There IS a difference in instruments...

Instead of traditional hardened steel, we use spring steel. Our "scrivet" is the strongest part. Our flexible steel absorbs forces, which allows the “scrivet” to maintain its integrity and permits the
pre-loaded arched blades to cut at the tips consistently.


Tri-Medics instruments have proven durability and performance.  We commissioned a study to test our durability during simulated use.


The Tri-Medics Feature/Benefit

301 stainless steel Flexible
Low carbon content
Corrosion and rust resistant
¾ hard Durability
Lightweight Strong, similar to titanium

  • After 33 autoclave/cutting cycles, competition started deteriorating.
  • The competitive scissors showed:

- Increased force to open and close

- Cutting performance deteriorated

- Signs of corrosion

  • We maintained all levels of performance for all 50 cycles with no signs of deterioration

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