Flexible steel absorbs the forces that destroy the rivets in competitive instruments



Forget what you already know about surgical instruments…


Tri-Medics® Patented Technology

Manufactured in the USA, using a proprietary technology, Tri-Medics® Precision Surgical Instruments are unlike anything else on the market. Laser cut, stamped, and shaped from flexible, resilient stainless steel, Tri-Medics® Precision Surgical Instruments have several important advantages over its inflexible, hardened steel or tungsten carbide competition.

First, resilient spring steel allows for a more comfortable, light, tactile instrument; many first-time users think that they are made of titanium. Second, our instruments use their flexible steel to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

Comfort and performance; it’s what makes a Precision Surgical Instrument a Tri-Medics®.

The Tri-Medics Difference:


  • Scissors don’t cut, they shear
  • Scissors don’t dull, they loosen
  • Flexible steel
  • Flexible steel absorbs the forces that destroy the rivets in competitive instruments
  • Positive shear angle
  • Proven durability and performance


Here is a list of  current and pending innovations:

Patents both issued and pending

  • U.S. Patent No. 6,592,603 – “Ring Handle & Spring Handle Scissors or Forceps”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,497,867 - “Handles and Shafts for Manually Adjustable Scissors and Forceps”
  • Patents covering shapes,  designs, and manufacturing techniques



  • Ring Handled Scissors
  • U.S. and foreign (PCT) applications filed March 7, 2011
  • Priority claimed to March 9, 2010
  • Hybrid Scissors
  • U.S. provisional application filed on November 14, 2011


Trade Innovations

  • Proprietary Manufacturing Techniques
  • 2+ years to develop precision forming and machining techniques for  301 Stainless Steel
  • Instrument Optimization  Studies
  • Conducted several in-house studies to set key geometric parameters


Our Commitment

Tri-Medics® is fully committed to providing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all of our products, services, and activities. This goal is being accomplished through a global focus on customer’s needs and expectations, employee participation, and technological excellence.

All products are supported with a performance guarantee and a one year free maintenance program.

Tri-Medics® is FDA certified.

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